My name is Kiera and I am a stay at home mother to 2 wonderful girls, Jessica who is 11 and London who is 2. I loved assisting my mother for multiple years in her day home back in BC before moving here to Calgary and am cherishing the opportunity to once again be doing what I love. In all I have 15+ years’ experience in child care. I started at the age of 12 babysitting for the neighbours, nanny for 3 years, assisting in my mothers day home in BC (as stated above) and over 10 years of parenting.


I don’t believe that great child care should cost so much that you find yourself working to pay your child care and having little to nothing left over. This is what my family was faced with if I were to have gone back to my job outside the home after having our second child. We were astonished at what child care providers were charging just because they could.  Some that we looked at the homes were dirty, didn’t have sufficient age appropriate toys/ book or they were simply in our opinion over full. So we decided that what was best for our family, and what I wanted more than anything, was for me to not go back to work outside the home but to put my many years of experience in child care to good use once again.


With that I opened K’s Little Munchkins Day Home in September 2010 and have never looked back!